Cleaner App for Windows is one of those programs that you want to install first on a new system, as it can not only clean computers that are clogged with unnecessary files, but also monitor a clean operating system and perform periodic cleaning without bringing it to a running state .

You can download Cleaner App for Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP for free in English – all old and new OS versions of 32 and 64 bit will be cleared from unused files, cached files, memory dumps, recent documents, Windows logs. You can also check all installed programs and clear them from temporary files too.

In addition, Cleaner App can remove installed on Windows programs and components, as well as third-party plug-ins from browsers. Although this can be done with the standard tools of the operating system, it will be easier for inexperienced users to remove everything that is unnecessary through CIkliner, since all this is done from one place through an easy-to-understand interface.

After installing the English version of Cleaner App on Windows 10 (for example), it integrates into Explorer. By right-clicking on the basket you can see the commands that open and run the program. If you select the “Run …” command, then immediately start cleaning your computer in the background.

On the top panel of Cleaner App you can see the version of your Windows OS, its bit depth and other main characteristics of the computer.

Features of Cleaner App for Windows

  • analysis of disk space occupied by unnecessary files – before cleaning you can always see how much space on the computer will be freed;
  • setting which elements of the operating system and programs will be cleared;
  • remove browser add-ons, disable and enable them;
  • analysis of disk space occupied by files of different types (pictures, video, music, documents and the like);
  • Cleaner App can also find duplicate files on disks;
  • Windows recovery point management (if recovery is disabled, the list of checkpoints will be empty, as in the screenshot below);
  • setting the behavior of the program, for example – automatically starting the cleaning immediately after the operating system starts, forcing the cleaning of the folders specified in the settings, protecting their folders from deleting information from them and excluding them from the analysis, etc.


  • Cleaner App for Windows 7, 8 and 10, in addition to cleaning the system from ordinary files, can also clean its registry of invalid and non-working entries – this, in turn, speeds up the operation of the computer;
  • The functionality of the free version is enough to clean the computer of any degree of neglect;
  • Through the “Service” section, you can change Windows settings that affect its performance — edit autoload, list of scheduled tasks, items displayed in the explorer context menu, and more.


Some messages in the program are displayed in English, if you go into cleaning cookies (seen in version 5.22.5724 Free).

Download Cleaner App for Windows 64 bit and 32 bit, the latest version from the official website at the link below. The installer will automatically determine the bit depth of your OS and install the program of the desired “bit depth”.