Apple computers should also be cleaned regularly, like any other. For this purpose, you can download Cleaner App for Mac OS for free – system cleaner for temporary files, browser cache and installed programs.

Cleaner App for Mac OS X, as well as for Windows and for Android, is of two versions – free and paid (PRO). Cleaner App Free copes with all cleaning tasks perfectly and is quite enough to keep your Mac clean.

Cleaner App for Mac OS has slightly fewer functions than its Windows version, and this is not surprising, since Mac OS is a closed operating system and users have limited capabilities related to its configuration.

On the top panel of Cleaner App, you can see detailed information about the version of the installed Mac OS and the technical characteristics of your hardware – the frequency of the processor and the amount of installed RAM.

Using the tabs on the left, you can switch between cleaning, tools and settings. In the “Cleaning” tab you can tick what you want to delete, and what should not be deleted. By clicking on the “analysis” button, you will find out how much space you can free up on your “Mac”, it is not necessary to do the cleaning after that.

Features of Cleaner App for Mac OS

  • Delete Safari cache and other browsers, their browsing history, download history, cookies;
  • clearing the recycle bin, list of recent documents, logs, user downloads from the system;
  • uninstall installed applications;
  • editing the list of programs from autorun;
  • full cleaning of free disk space to protect former data on them from recovery.

Benefits of Cleaner App for Mac OS

If we talk about the advantages of Cleaner App for Mac OS before manual cleaning of the operating system and applications, the main advantage of the program is the speed of deleting all unnecessary files from different places in one fell swoop.

For example, you can open the cleaning tool and delete the cache from all browsers in one pass. Manually doing this is also not difficult, but it will take much longer.