If you do not have time to install Cleaner App or it simply does not work out due to computer errors or restricted access to it, you can download Cleaner App Portable for free (English version) and use it to clean the operating system. Link to download from the official site is below, after a description with screenshots.

Cleaner App Portable works on Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP, with a bit depth of 32 and 64 bit. In the downloaded archive you will see 2 versions of the program, under each digit capacity.

Copy the files from the archive to your flash drive and run the desired portable version of Cleaner App in English on any computer. In this way, you can clean up not only your operating system, but also the computers of friends and girlfriends who do not understand this well, and will be grateful for the help.

According to the functionality of Cleaner App Portable, there is no limitations in anything, unlike the regular version with the installer. He also has access to clean the registry and uninstall installed programs on your computer. In general terms, its features below.

Features Cleaner App Portable

  • deletion of old unused files, temporary files, system and application caches, emptying the recycle bin and a list of recent documents;
  • editing the list of programs that are loaded with Windows (this is the easiest way to speed up the launch of the OS);
  • search for problems in the registry of each computer running Cleaner App Portable and fix them. Before this, the program will backup the registry so that you can roll back the changes;
  • full configuration of items that can be removed by the program, setting paths that are excluded from cleaning;
  • full erasing of computer disks, which guarantees protection against data recovery on it;
  • control system restore points;
  • management of browser add-ons.


Cleaner App Portable is not tied to a specific OS, therefore it can be run anywhere, on any computer;

Due to the large number of unnecessary files and problems with the registry on some computers it is simply not realistic to install a new program, even if it is a system cleaner. Using Cleaner App Portable solves this problem;

You can configure Cleaner App for the same behavior on different computers – its settings will not get lost every time on a new device, as they are stored in a folder with the program being started (on a flash drive, for example).


The presence of 2 versions of the program of different bitness can cause confusion among inexperienced users who are not able to determine the bitness of the operating system.