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How to use Cleaner App?

With the help of this manual, we will show you how to use the Cleaner App program on Windows 10 (on Windows 7 and 8 – by analogy). Run the program and look at the first tab called “Cleaning”.

The main functionality of Cleaner App is exactly in this tab. Here you can choose which components of the operating system and installed applications to clean and which ones do not. Tick ​​marks the items that will be cleared as needed. Look at the checkboxes in the screenshot below.

The first is the Internet cache, under Microsoft Edge. If this checkbox is checked, then Cleaner App will delete the cache in the Edge browser when you start cleaning.

Or below, in the list of “System”, the item “Empty the basket.” If there is a tick there, then every time during its work Cleaner App will delete all files from the recycle bin.

Thus, you can customize which components the program will clear and which not, simply by ticking the necessary windows.

But what to do if you do not know what needs to be cleaned, what is not needed, which ticks to put and which not? The answer is: do nothing 🙂 By default, the checkboxes in Cleaner App are arranged so as not to remove anything superfluous and so that the cleaning at the same time has maximum efficiency. Therefore, you can trust the program.

Before the start of the cleanup, the “Sicliner” needs to know which files can be deleted and how many. Click on the “Analyze” button to find out.

After a few seconds, you will see a report in which Cleaner App will tell you how many and which files it is going to delete and how much space will be released after that.

In my case, as many as 3202 MB will be released, this is not a little, I think it is worthwhile to remove everything unnecessary from the system. Click on the “Cleaning” button to start it.

After a few seconds, the process will be completed – your system is clean!

Cleaner App can also look for problems in the registry and remove unnecessary entries from there. Read more about it here.

Also in Cleaner App there are additional functions, such as: removing programs, erasing disks and tracking the system.

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