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What is Cleaner App?

This is a program with the help of which you can free up space on your computer and speed up its work by removing temporary, valueless and simply unnecessary files and programs.

Do users need Cleaner App? Unambiguous answer: Yes! Why is the author of these lines so sure of this? Because Cleaner App saves the most valuable thing a person has – your time.

Cleaner App has several basic features. These include deleting unnecessary files, selecting them according to different criteria, uninstalling programs, cleaning the Windows registry, managing application startup, turning off / on or removing add-ons from browsers, completely erasing hard drives, and a few more.

Most of these functions can be used without the help of Cleaner App – in Windows, using standard built-in tools, you can uninstall programs, manage startup, manually delete temporary files, etc. But with Cleaner App, this is much easier and more convenient, and most importantly – faster! From one place you can clear the history of all your browsers at once, and get rid of the temporary files of all installed applications. In one window, you can remove one program, and in another, disable autorun along with Windows of another, thereby speeding up the loading of the operating system.

With all this Cleaner App will monitor the state of your operating system and when the amount of “garbage” in it exceeds the norm – will notify you of the need to clean.

Do not forget about cleaning the registry of obsolete entries, the presence of which inhibits the launch of Windows programs and services. By the way, there are no standard tools for cleaning the registry in Windows, so this function in Cleaner App is not only useful, but also irreplaceable.

Advantage af our Cleaner App is that all operations on cleaning and speeding up the computer are carried out in semi-automatic mode. Any inexperienced user using the program will be able to do something for which the service centers are asking for money. All that is required of you is to press the “Start”, “Stop”, “Clear”, “OK”, etc. buttons.

Another significant plus of Cleaner App is the availability of a free version, the functionality of which is enough for an ordinary user to keep his computer “clean”.

At the beginning of this article there is a question: “Cleaner App – what kind of program is it and does it need it?”, We tried to give an answer to it in the most detailed form above. And in short, the answer is: “Cleaner App is a program for cleaning and speeding up a computer (or rather, its operating system) and yes, you need it.”

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